The Story of Rose Apple: A unique story within Cambodian hospitality

Siem Reap, Cambodia, is home to a tale of love and hospitality, embodied in the vibrant spirit of Rose Apple. Directed by the dynamic duo, Tim Blondeel and his wife Sophearith, Rose Apple is not just a boutique Bed and Breakfasts or a villa rental agency; it’s a testament to their passion for hosting, sharing stories, and celebrating the beauty of Cambodia with the world.

Originally from Belgium, Tim and Sophearith’s journey began with a humble bed and breakfast setup in the southern part of Siem Reap. What started as a two-bedroom accommodation soon bloomed into an 18-bedroom boutique with a pool and restaurant, reflecting their love for hosting and connecting with people from all walks of life.

“We enjoyed the personal contact, hearing stories from people from all over the world, and being able to share some of the history of this marvelous country and its people,” Tim reminisces.

The resilience of Rose Apple was tested during the COVID-19 pandemic. However, adversity became an opportunity for transformation. With a vision to adapt and thrive, Rose Apple transitioned into a private villa rental agency, offering exclusive properties and personalized services tailored to the discerning traveler.

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“We still find ourselves telling the same story, sharing the beauty of the country, and meeting wonderful people from every corner of the world. We still enjoy every minute of it,” Tim affirms.

A relaxing poolside view at Rose Apple. Provided

What sets Rose Apple apart is its unwavering commitment to personalized service and creating tailor-made moments for every guest. From exclusive private to curated Villas and Events, Rose Apple ensures that each experience surpasses expectations, leaving a lasting impression on every visitor.

“Our originality of wonderful private pool villas and our reliability as an international team, coupled with our diverse range of outstanding services, sets us apart,” Tim explains.

Empowering Communities and Promoting Sustainability

Beyond hospitality, Rose Apple is dedicated to empowering communities and promoting sustainability. Through initiatives like minimizing single-use plastic, recycling, and supporting local products and services, Rose Apple contributes to the well-being of both its team and the communities it engages with.

The grounds at Rose Apple. Provided

“We aim to continuously diversify our portfolio, bringing exclusive properties to the travel market while expanding services with an increased focus on local Cambodian products,” Tim shares.

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A Personal Journey of Growth and Gratitude

For Tim, Cambodia is more than just a place of business; it’s a second home where he found purpose, learned invaluable lessons, and nurtured a family. As a father raising his children amidst the rich tapestry of Cambodian culture, Tim cherishes the moments of tranquility amidst the bustling landscape of Siem Reap.

A colonial, european style housing at Rose Apple. Provided

“This country has taught me most of what I know in hospitality. Allowing me to expand my skill set in areas where I didn’t have any experience previously,” Tim reflects with gratitude.

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Amidst the ancient temples and lush landscapes, Rose Apple stands as a beacon of warmth, hospitality, and unwavering commitment to creating unforgettable experiences. With each passing day, Tim and Sophearith continue to inspire, enrich, and celebrate the beauty of Cambodia with the world.

Tom Starkey
Author: Tom Starkey

Tom Starkey is an International Development graduate from Sussex University with 12-years of experience across 4 continents, Tom's goal is that he wants to showcase his love for Cambodia, where he lives, works and now happily calls home.

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