Phnom Penh’s Best Ride: The Electric Journey with Beer Bus Cambodia

In the bustling heart of Phnom Penh, where history and modernity intersect, two Australian entrepreneurs, Garth Hannam and Evan McQuarrie, have embarked on a mission to bring a new, refreshing experience to the city’s visitors. Their brainchild, the Beer Bus, is not just a mode of transportation but a lively exploration of Phnom Penh’s hidden gems, accompanied by local delicacies and the effervescent spirit of Cambodia.

A Dream Realized: From Brisbane to Phnom Penh

The inception of Beer Bus Cambodia traces back to the duo’s encounter with a similar rolling bar in Bali, an experience that ignited the spark for a unique venture. Garth and Evan, captivated by Cambodia’s beauty and its warm-hearted people, decided to make the leap, selling all their possessions in Australia to set up their dream business in Phnom Penh.

A fortuitous connection led them to a skilled design team in Siem Reap, who swiftly transformed their vision into reality. Within weeks, the fully electric Beer Bus was ready to hit the streets of Phnom Penh, adorned with branding that echoed the vibrant energy the founders aimed to bring to the city.

A Joyous Ride Through Phnom Penh’s Splendors

Since its inaugural tour in November 2023, Beer Bus Cambodia has been rolling through the streets, offering an exciting blend of sightseeing and local indulgence. The founders aim to deliver a safe, fresh, and exhilarating way for visitors to experience Phnom Penh. The bus, equipped with a sound system and guided by the lively Evan, promises not just a tour but a celebration on wheels.

Beyond the Bars: Filling a Unique Gap

Phnom Penh boasts numerous bars and restaurants, each with its charm, but Beer Bus offers a distinctive perspective. Perched above the traffic, passengers enjoy a panoramic view of the city, interacting with locals, waving at passersby, and sipping local beers. It’s an immersive experience that goes beyond the limitations of traditional transportation, providing a personalized guided tour of the city’s cultural richness.

Community Impact and Market Diversity

Beyond its entertainment value, Beer Bus Cambodia aspires to contribute positively to the community. In a city often associated with its dark history, the founders aim to inject color and vibrancy into tourists’ itineraries, showcasing the lighter side of Cambodia. The hope is to bring joy, laughter, and a sense of community spirit to the streets of Phnom Penh.

A Love Letter to Cambodia

For Garth and Evan, the decision to establish Beer Bus in Cambodia wasn’t just about business; it was a love letter to the people who make this place extraordinary. They are determined to spotlight the genuine smiles, rich culture, and the inherent beauty of Phnom Penh that often goes unnoticed.

As the Beer Bus winds its way through the vibrant streets, it leaves behind not just the echoes of laughter but a testament to the spirit of entrepreneurship that celebrates the heart and soul of Cambodia. So, if you find yourself in Phnom Penh, hop on board the Beer Bus and let the journey unfold, one electrifying sip at a time. Cheers to the joyous ride!

Tom Starkey
Author: Tom Starkey

Tom Starkey is an International Development graduate from Sussex University with 12-years of experience across 4 continents, Tom's goal is that he wants to showcase his love for Cambodia, where he lives, works and now happily calls home.