Nesat Village: Where Creativity Meets Community

Nesat Village is a quaint haven, where every corner tells a story of creativity, community, and the enchanting beauty of local culture, but with a twist. This is because at the heart of this thriving community stands Claire, the creative force behind Claire Lockett Graphics, who has weaved her artistic magic into the village’s soul.

For Claire, art isn’t just a passion; it’s a way of life. With a fervent love for graphic design and painting, Claire embarked on a journey to create something truly special. Two years ago, she founded Claire Graphics, driven by the desire to craft unique graphic art that resonates with people’s hearts.

“I started it up because I love to create, from graphic design to painting. I find true joy creating one of a kind Graphic Art for people,” she said.

”When I moved to Nesat Village the community was very small. As the village grew, so did my business. I have created the village map, become a graphic designer for Nesat Chronicles, created many of the business logos in Nesat and now have branched out to create an earring line and children seek and find books to help raise money for wildlife alliance. Many have seeked me out to design their potential homes in Nesat Village also.”

Indeed, her journey in Nesat has been nothing short of remarkable. From designing the village map to becoming the creative mind behind Nesat Chronicles and crafting logos for local businesses, Claire’s imprint is everywhere.

Where Creativity Flourishes

Moreover, she has expanded her creative horizons by launching a line of earrings and a children’s seek-and-find book, with proceeds dedicated to supporting the Wildlife Alliance. Claire’s artistic endeavors extend beyond mere aesthetics; they serve as a conduit for community upliftment and environmental conservation.

Walking through Nesat Village, Claire witnesses her art adorning every corner, a testament to her dreams realized. “There’s no better time than now,” she reflects, cherishing the vibrant tapestry of experiences that Nesat has offered her.

Nesat Village: Where Creativity Meets Community

“I have been in operation for 2 years now. I am living the dream. there is nothing better than walking around your village seeing your art on every corner.”

“If I had to pick highlights so far, it would be seeing the KHITCH Cambodia Earring line freshly laser cut. Seeing how other artists work with me to enhance one another. having the honor to seeked out to design and build peoples dream villas,” she said.

But beyond professional milestones, it’s the people she meets that make her job truly fulfilling.

Art as a Catalyst for Change

At Claire Graphics, art transcends mere visuals; it becomes a catalyst for change. Claire’s designs grace social media platforms, enticing travelers and locals alike to explore the charms of Nesat Village. With a burgeoning eco-consciousness, Nesat is evolving into a sustainable community, driven by initiatives like the Green Team.

“My art is being used on many social media platforms to help boost tourism in Nesat Village. This allows expacts, travellers and even khmer to get an insight into what life is like here in Nesat Village. We are now becoming somewhat of an eco community. We even have a green team!.”

“Another amazing thing is that Claire Lockett Graphics is working on the development of the Rong Info non-profit website. This will become a booking platform for all travel across cambodia. The main difference is that with every ticket someone buys, the profit goes directly toward buying eco brick technology for cambodia. schools, community centres and more can be built from plastics.”

“Finally, we are also raising money for the Wildlife Alliance for the wildlife reserve that is only a few hours away from us. So I am proud to say that my art has always contributed positively to the community and nature in one way or another,” she added.

A Home in Nesat

For Claire, Nesat isn’t just a place; it’s a sanctuary where dreams take flight. Trading plane tickets for flip-flops, she embarked on a journey of discovery with her family, building their dream villas amidst tropical luxury.

Nesat Village: Where Creativity Meets Community

“World wanderer turned jungle queen here!” she said. “I Traded plane tickets for flip flops and settled in Nesat with my hubby and kiddos. We have already built our dream villas but we still hit the beaches and waterfalls whenever we can.” 

Immersing herself in the warmth of Khmer hospitality, Claire found solace in the rhythms of nature, the melodies of local music, and the richness of Cambodian culture. 

“I love the khmer. Their kindness is inspiring. The magic of the Kingdom of gold hit my heart and lit my spirit. From nature to music and culture. there is no other place I would rather call home. I feel very lucky to live here.”

In Nesat Village, Claire has found more than just a canvas for her art; she has discovered a community that nurtures her creativity, a landscape that inspires her soul, and a home where her heart finds its true belonging. As her journey continues, she remains committed to weaving the threads of creativity and community, painting a brighter future for Nesat and beyond.

2MPM+X78, Cambodia

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