KompiCoffee – A Cambodian-founded chain that has something for everyone.

On the 6th of May, KompiCoffee launched the opening of its second branch in Toultom Pong Lane, Street 155. The new venue is designed to service the varying needs of the locals, and as such, is much more than just a café.

At Kompi, locals are encouraged to come by and socialise over a coffee made with their specially selected blend of beans, or if the occasion calls for it, one of their signature cocktails made with aromatic Khmer spices and herbs. The upstairs comprises an integrated study and cinema room, where visitors can chill out with friends, play games board games, watch films on their projector, or crack on with work and studies.

KompiCoffee Cocktails

The signature cocktail collection is a mix of unique aromatic beverages that are designed to refresh the consumer’s palette whilst introducing them to unique and exotic flavours – The favourites so far are the First Date and the Koh Rong Sanloem. 

This is the second Kompi Coffee opened in Phnom Penh, established by a group of young Cambodians who say their mission is to create a relaxing and friendly café space that also serves as a lounge for people to hang out and study. 

Their primary focus, in addition to providing a comfortable environment, is to serve the best tailor-made coffee on the local market. 

The KompiCoffee Vibe

“We have our own unique coffee blend, made partly from beans sourced in Asia, and partly from Africa. Our coffee was originally inspired by a typical French blend, but this was resulting in Khmer people having caffeine-induced shakes and panic attacks, as such, we realised we needed to adjust the blend, so it wasn’t so powerful. Over the years, demand for coffee amongst Cambodians has increased dramatically, however as you can see, many Cambodians will add massive amounts of milk and sugar to reduce the caffeine effects on their bodies. We created a more moderate blend that retained its quality so that both Cambodians and Foreigners can enjoy it without having to add all the extras.

Speaking on the main aim of their food menu, one founding partner said “The signature characteristic of our food service is that it comes out very fast, but is not unhealthy like other fast food options. We have a selection available that will appeal to both western and Asian appetites, including a range of club sandwiches and dishes such as beef stew (with noodles).”

A team at Kompi say they are very excited to open the new store and give their customers a versatile range of utilities. 

“Our venue offers everything our young population needs from a vibrant city, from a relaxed hangout and study to a social bar with alcoholic beverages. We really wanted to create something that speaks to needs of everyone. Watching the growth of Cambodia is extremely exciting, and we really enjoy watching local independent SMEs benefit from this growth.

If big corporations continue to soak the market share, then less opportunity for growth will be available for homegrown Cambodian businesses. Therefore, we must continue to be innovative and think of new ways we can offer value to the market, with concepts like Kompi being a good example.”