KH Sport Tours Delivers VIP Sporting Experience for Thrilling ISI V ACFC Face Off

The bustling heart of Cambodia’s capital, Phnom Penh, was witness to a unique new sporting spectacle as KH Sport Tours orchestrated their first exclusive VIP viewing experience for avid sports enthusiasts. 

The event showcased a thrilling face-off between ISI D’Angkor FC and Angkor City FC at the AIA stadium, generously sponsored by Panasonic in the CL2.

The adventure commenced at the iconic Big Easy Hostel, drawing together a diverse crowd of football aficionados, both local and expatriates. This communal gathering was only the beginning of a day packed with unforgettable moments, as participants were transported straight to the VIP boxes at the AIA stadium, where they had a spread of tasty local snacks and free-flow beer, courtesy of KH Sport Tours.

The game itself did not disappoint. ISI D’Angkor FC and Angkor City FC waged an intense battle, with the final scoreline reading 5-2 in favor of ISI D’Angkor FC. The electrifying atmosphere had fans on the edge of their seats throughout the contest.

Tom Starkey, one of the co-founders of KH Sport Tours, shed light on the goal behind their sports excursions. 

โ€œEnjoying sport shouldn’t be hard. But in Cambodia, it’s difficult to keep up to date on matches, how to get tickets, and how to get the best sports experiences. So working with our contacts and knowledge of the game, we’ve set out to create comprehensive and unique sport and event packages have it all organised for you, with unique VIP perks.”

Christian Mitchell, the second half of KH Sport Tours, echoed Tom’s sentiments and stated that these tours are a labor of love. 

“We both share an appreciation for international sports, and living in Cambodia we share that passion for the local sports here and are dedicated to promoting the local sports scene. The aim is to attract more people to witness the growing sports culture in the Kingdom while delivering memorable experiences for our attendees.”

Gareth Johnson, the Director of Football at Angkor City FC, acknowledged that while they didn’t get the result they had hoped for on the night, they were delighted with the turnout. The addition of new fans, particularly with new sponsors WeWatch โ€“ the premium digital streaming company โ€“ and KH Sport Tours, was a significant win for them.ย 

Johnson emphasized the importance of putting on a show for new fans and supporting grassroots Cambodian sports. He expressed a desire to collaborate with KH Sport Tours and welcomed their presence, even noting that they purchased official shirts, which will undoubtedly contribute to growing the support for the team.

According to Johnson, the primary objective is to entertain and captivate new fans while supporting grassroots Cambodian sports. He welcomed the partnership with KH Sport Tours and expressed anticipation about spotting their supporters around Phnom Penh, with their purchase of official shirts expected to enhance the team’s visibility and fan base.

Following the game, participants from the KH Sport Tours event were given the unique opportunity to meet players and coaches. This up-close interaction allowed them to snap pictures with the team lineup. 

A special highlight of the evening was the lucky KH Sport Tour member who correctly predicted the final score. They were rewarded with a bottle of prosecco, which they promptly uncorked pitchside, adding a sparkling touch to the celebration.

For those interested in future KH Sport Tours events and detailed information, check out the official telelegram group:, the go-to platforms for updates, event announcements, and a community of fellow sports enthusiasts eager to engage with Cambodia’s thriving sports scene.

Tom Starkey
Author: Tom Starkey

Tom Starkey is an International Development graduate from Sussex University with 12-years of experience across 4 continents, Tom's goal is that he wants to showcase his love for Cambodia, where he lives, works and now happily calls home.