How to get from Kampot to Phu Quoc in 2024

Famous for its stunning beaches, as well as being home to the largest nature park in Vietnam, what many do not realize is that the easiest way to get to this hidden gem is actually via Cambodia and specifically Kampot.

Kampot of course is no stranger to tourists in Cambodia, with it long being a favorite among visitors and expats alike. They are drawn here not just for its food, beauty and nightlife, bit often as gateway to there parts of the Kingdom and beyond.

These of course include the casinos and food of Sihanoukville, islands such as Koh Rong and Koh Kong, but also the lesser known Ha Tien border crossing with Vietnam.Β 

What the Phu Quoc?

Despite being the largest island β€œowned” by Vietnam for most of its history Phu Quoc was actually part of Cambodia, hence its location off of the Cambodian rather than Vietnamese coast.

This in itself makes the island an extremely unique place, with many residents being Kampuchea Krom (Cambodians in Vietnam) and the overall culture being an eclectic mix of Khmer and Vietnamese.

The main draws to come here though are that of any island, namely beaches, seafood and in the case of Phu Quoc a huge nature park. And while there is also an international and regional airport here, the cheapest and easiest way to get is via bus and ferry form Cambodia. 

How do you get from Kampot to Ha Tien, Vietnam?

Getting from Kampot to the Vietnamese border crossing at Ha Tien is extremely easy, with many a travel agent, particularly around Kampot Pepper and Seafood Restaurant (link) offering tickets. These cost $12 if you get them yourself, or $14 if you prefer the comfort of being picked up.

The drive here is but an hour, with you first stopping at Kep (meaning you can also start from here) before you drive scenically past the beaches of Kep to the international border crossing. 

For those who do not have a Vietnamese visa these can be arranged at the border. And while this is not exactly the most friendly of crossings, generally speaking it is still one of the easier ones to pass. 

Once through your ticket includes transfer to the ferry terminal, with the general school of thought being that you avoid staying in the nondescript town that is Hai Tien.

The Hai Tien to Phu Quoc ferry

After being dropped at the ferry terminal you have a number of options for the frequent ferries that do the Phu Quoc route, with prices depending on your age and if you are taking a car.

Assuming you are an adult and are taking our Kampot to Phu Quoc route then your ticket price will be roughly 185,000 Dong, which while it might sauna an awful lot is just $7.50, or so.

Then you have a sometimes bumpy three hour crossing to the main port in Phu Quoc. And while the seating area could be described as anything but deluxe it is at least decent enough to not scare away seasoned travelers. Facilities wise things are fairly basic, but with a chair, a toilet and a small shop selling drinks and noodles, what more do you really need?

Once you do arrive at the port in Phu Quoc you will then have to navigate your way to a hotel, or at least into town. It should be noted that what time of day you arrive is extremely important here, with the buses not only not running on late arrivals, but also Grab Taxi not actually working here.

This will mean some old school taxi haggling, before you head off to explore Phu Quoc. 

Gareth Johnson
Author: Gareth Johnson

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