Dirty Old Sailor closes after police bust

According to reports in local media, as well as eyewitnesses, Dirty Old Sailor has closed after being raided by police on Sunday night. 

The notorious bar on the even more notorious Street 172 was infamous for allegedly selling both cannabis and cannabis infused products, something no one seemed to mind, or notice until recently. 

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Dirty Old Sailor Closes

According to reports there was a heavy police presence on Sunday night, with the bar being found shuttered and closed as of Monday. There was also a sign outside stating the following;

“Temporary House-Room Closing by Phnom Penh Municipal Commission | Daun Penh District Police Office Anti-Drug Section – After inspecting the house-room above completely, we commission it temporarily closed”

This has lead our team of investigative reporters to deduce that it was in fact closed due to said drugs, although we did not approach literally anyone for an official comment. 

What kind of infusions did it sell?

According to their previously extremely popular Facebook page they sold all manor of infusions, such as Banana Bread, Sticky Toffee and of course the always popular “brownie”- all apparently at very reasonable prices. 

Dirty Old Sailor Closes
Dirty Old Sailor closes – artists impression of a “brownie””

With a Facebook page literally advertising their products it is unknown how they went undetected for so long, although it has been hypothesized that they evaded capture by not having the word “happy” as part of their name.

Whether this means the war on drugs has now been won has yet to be confirmed. 

What else is there to do on Street 172?

The demise of Dirty Old Sailor follows hot on the heels of The Vine moving from the road, as well as the ever so slow death of Phnom Penh Pub Street AKA Sorya Mall. There is though still Sundance Inn, home of the fireball, The Big Easy and Molly’s maker of the best knock-off Subway in town. 

For now at least though, all Sailor and green culinary based activities have now ceased on 172.

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