Who wants to experience a one-of-a-Kind Dining Experience in Siem Reap?

Among the traditional shops and cuisine lies a creepy crawly different experience. A dining experience unlike any other. Look no further if you want real Cambodian insect cuisine!

Enter Daniel Moreno, an entrepreneur with a passion for sustainability and a taste for adventure. His latest venture promises to redefine dining in Siem Reap with an innovative menu that celebrates the culinary potential of edible insects.

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“I always had this idea of making a restaurant and some products made with edible insects,” says Moreno, a science/math teacher turned entrepreneur who also runs a boutique and hostel in Siem Reap. 

Drawing inspiration from his experiences living in Myanmar and his fascination with insect-based foods, Moreno set out to create a dining experience that was both daring and delicious.

“Our menu features a fusion of Khmer, Mexican, and Western dishes,” Moreno explains. “But what sets us apart is our use of edible insects as a sustainable protein source.” From traditional Khmer delicacies to inventive Western creations, each dish on Moreno’s menu is a testament to his culinary creativity.

“One example is our ‘Cesar Salar,’ a twist on the classic Caesar salad,” Moreno shares. “Instead of bacon, we use stir-fried silkworm larvae, adding a unique texture and flavor profile to the dish.” It’s a bold move, but one that Moreno believes challenges preconceived notions about food while highlighting the nutritional benefits of insect consumption.


“Insects are sustainable and packed with protein and antioxidants,” Moreno explains. “By incorporating them into our menu, we’re not only offering diners a unique culinary experience but also promoting environmental sustainability.”

Despite initial skepticism from some, Moreno remains undeterred. “People often tell me that opening a restaurant during low season won’t work,” he says. “But if we don’t try now, when will we?”

Looking ahead, Moreno envisions his restaurant becoming a hub for locals and tourists alike—a place where culinary innovation meets cultural exchange. “I want to create more points of attraction for tourists in Siem Reap,” he says. “And I believe our restaurant can be one of them.”

As Moreno’s culinary journey unfolds, one thing is certain: his dedication to sustainability and innovation will continue to shape the future of dining in Siem Reap. So, the next time you find yourself in this vibrant city, dare to venture off the beaten path and experience the bold flavors of Daniel Moreno’s insect-inspired cuisine. Your taste buds—and the planet—will thank you.


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Tom Starkey
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