Best Damn Bar’s 13th Anniversary Bash Rocks the House

They came early and in droves.  Devoted patrons of Oscar’s on the Corner packed the place Saturday night to celebrate the bar’s 13th anniversary, well before the stage would come alive with music, a sure sign that a classic night was about to unfold.

The excited staff were dressed to the nines, their customary black Best Damn Bar shirts given a night off in favour of their favourite glad rags. As for the bar itself? The sight of actual tablecloths in place was an indication that this was an anniversary of no small note. On the outside balcony a buffet of Khmer favourites awaited the crowd as did generous pours of thank you/welcome drinks.  

The best damn bar’s line-up of resident bands would all take the stage for a set, five combos in all. The music literally stopped only for mere moments, with one band taking the stage as soon as another stepped off.

Five bands in six hours? No problem. You can dance that long, right?

Getting the night started was blender. It was the “oh so 80’s” alt/indie rockers first show after debuting at Oscar’s in late February.  The new unit comprise two members from a previous residency band, first world problems. The problems’ Will Canuck and Ricky Haldeman formed blender with two new bandmates, Soun Vutha and Martin Sutch. They will launch their weekly residency on Wednesday evening.

Best Damn Bar faves, the Extraordinary Chambers, did not let any dust settle after blender finished their set with an incendiary performance of their own. The Chambers always bring it, but found an extra gear as they fed back the energy the capacity crowd was sending their way.

The Chambers are a hard act to follow but Monday night institution, the Cambodian Country band did that with ease, carving out a slice of history for themselves in what will go down in the lore of Best Damn Bar evenings to remember.

Next up were the Oscar’s house band, K’n’E.  They are a remarkable collection of players and kept the party going with their blend of diverse covers and beyond popular Khmer stompers.  Want to see an already packed dance floor burst to the seams? Just wait for K’n’E to launch into one of their “nothing standard about it” Khmer standards.

And just when other bars about town were rolling in the tables and sending their staff scattering into the night?  Joe and the Jumping Jacks hopped on stage, vanquishing any thoughts party goers may have had about heading homewards themselves.

Anniversary, schmannivesary…let’s do this again soon!

It was one of those rare nights when the crowd did not head for the doors as the last band took their bows.  The place had been abuzz before the music started and was still vibrating away well after the amps stopped to hum.

Congratulations to Oscar, his family, the bar’s staff and all the musicians who have blessed the Best Damn Bar’s stage over the years.  And here’s some advice…don’t wait for another anniversary to do it all again. Khmer New Year’s sounds like a fine occasion to give the same treatment.

Adam Reeves
Author: Adam Reeves

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