Cambodia Gears Up with 20 Fighters for Asian MMA Championship

Ahead of the forthcoming Asian MMA Championship, slated for July 11th to 13th, Cambodia is preparing to host the event with gusto. The National Olympic Committee of Cambodia (NOCC) recently revealed that the Cambodian Mixed Martial Arts Federation (CMMAF) has enlisted 20 formidable athletes to compete in this high-profile tournament.

Vath Chamroeun, Secretary General of NOCC, conveyed that Cambodia’s role as the host nation underscores its burgeoning presence in the global sporting arena. Moreover, it underscores the government’s dedication to nurturing diverse sporting disciplines, fostering national pride, and facilitating Cambodian athletes’ participation on the world stage.

The championship not only provides a platform for showcasing the prowess of Cambodian fighters but also serves as a celebration of the country’s rich martial arts heritage, including revered practices like kun bokator and kun Khmer, both UNESCO-recognized cultural treasures. Chamroeun emphasized Cambodia’s pride in hosting and competing against formidable opponents from across Asia.

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“The event will attract top fighters from over 20 participating Asian countries, notably powerhouse nations in MMA such as China, Korea, Japan, and India. Furthermore, it serves as a qualifying event for the 6th Asian Indoor and Martial Arts Games slated for late 2024 in Thailand,” Chamroeun elaborated.

The championship will take place at the National Olympic Stadium, with both free-entry and ticketed matches, ensuring accessibility while managing crowd safety. Chamroeun highlighted the significance of tickets as mementos of this historic event.

All 20 Cambodian athletes, including esteemed fighters like Chhoeun Lwei and Maeun Meikhea, are undergoing rigorous training under expert coaches in preparation for the challenge posed by highly skilled opponents. Chamroeun encouraged the public to witness the spectacle, anticipating a showcase of remarkable athleticism and intense competition.

He expressed a fervent desire for a vibrant atmosphere, believing that enthusiastic support from a sizable audience will elevate the championship into a memorable experience for all involved. Moreover, he sees this event as an opportunity to spotlight Cambodia’s distinctive culture and traditions on the international stage, anticipating positive outcomes beyond the tournament’s conclusion.

Tom Starkey
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